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Sketchbook Revival

I'm taking part in a 2 week sketchbook revival - a set of about 30 online workshops. It's going to take me at least 8 weeks!

I'll post my creations - stories and extra info, later

** UPDATE - 10.5.18 **
Wow! What a great experience that was! I struggled to keep up with following two video workshops a day, so the first weekend I binge-created, like people binge on box sets.
The videos won't be available for long, so spreading them out over 8 weeks wouldn't have been possible - and the momentum of taking part alongside everyone else was irresistible!

Day 1, part 1  We were shown three simple books - two of which I knew, but don't use for my sketching, just school projects, the third involved stitching signatures. I am definitely going to use my own books for special projects in the future!
I made and filled two for the Sketchbook revival.
Day 1, part 2 making creative intentions So, I went in a tad skeptical, but it was worth putting aside my …

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