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Travelling light

This summer will see me and my three grown up children inter-railing for 2 and half weeks in Central Europe. I want to sketch as I go and have as small an art kit as I can manage.
My sketching kit is in a tiny pencil case with room for a fine liner, a mechanical pencil, a scrap of a rubber and a water-brush.
(Water brush pens have been a revelation to me - with water inside the pen and nylon bristles, there is no need for carrying extra painting water around to rinse brushes and mix paint -so easy and convenient!)
Along side the pencil case I either carry inktense pencils or my watercolour palette - but even though it's travel size, it's still too big! I started looking around for alternatives and, unsurprisingly, I found myself on pinterest. I toyed with the idea of recreating what I'd seen for months, procrastinating with excuses of not having the right materials and skills - but I bit the bullet today and here's what I have made.

How I did it...

From the acetate, cur…

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