How to make your children happy! Part 1: Praise

Give your child 100% unconditional positive regard will make them happy
err no!
Constant unmittigated praise is as likely to produce insecure emotionally unhealthy individuals as constant criticism.
Persistant praise makes for a passive child. Why bother when you'll be praised all the time whatever you do or don't do? however well or pooorly you have performed?
Why listen to your parents when you really need praise (or an opinion) when your parent appears to not be capable of making a judgement or holding a valid opinion?
A child cannot learn from failures or successes in that environment.

100% unconditional love warmth and affection - that's another matter...
We all need that! And an environment of positive emotion will produce a secure individual.

Conditional praise, praise that fits the circumstance or achievement, may lead to disappointment sometimes but means your children don't become helpless. They learn their actions have an impact on themselves and others and you, as a parent, have credibility.


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