I am currently training to be a teacher and that is why this blog has gone quiet. I have, decided to use the blog to record my efforts as I seek out ways to practice kindness towards others.
In the Jewish community I think this is called a mitzvah. In secular society the random acts of kindness foundation and Danny Wallace's JoinMe advocate similar things. Being kind and showing love to your neighbour is a familiar Christian concept.
Apparently this change in behaviour will have a positive impact on me too. So to help others, and recieve the gift of giving, this is my new years resolution: to actively and consciously do at least one act of kindness a day.
Don't get me wrong - I don't consider myself 'unkind', but there's always room for improvement!
 I will post when I have time and remember.

As a starter I have found the local supermarket a great source of potential recipients, from the old lady who can't find the pudding rice and chasing after her when I found it; to giving money off coupons from the tills to shoppers I pass on my way out of the shop. I expect some mitzvahs will become regular but I shall try to find new ones too.


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