Lenten Mitzvahs

Does this concept work? Or is it #that-awkward-moment-when-two-religions-meet?

Many people see Lent as purely a time of giving things up. Jesus went to the desert for 40 days for a period of reflection, contemplation and meditation prior to taking up his ministry. During this time he was also tempted by the devil.
For Christians giving things up in Lent is part of a bigger goal of preparation for Easter and is an opportunity to overcome faults, exercise self discipline and spend more time doing religious acts.
A real season for Christians to think 'WWJD'. I shall bear this in mind as I try and cope with my Lenten Facebook fast.

How are my daily mitzvahs going?

I visited my old workplace today as part of my course and was lucky enough to observe 5 lessons as well as see school life from the perspective of a year 7 - I've been able to 'magpie' a couple of lesson ideas - and thanked the teachers for allowing me to observe them.

I also gave a little 'I miss you present' to a member of the support staff.

At the end of the day some of the girls found a frog outside the PE department and I organised some year 13 boys to move it to a safer place - I did have to reassure them that it wouldn't bite them first!
So you say that was two kindnesses in one. The frog was protected and these hulking young men have found there is no reason to be afraid of a frog!


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