Make other people feel good about themselves

Making people feel good about themselves is an act of kindness - a mitzvah.
This can be achieved in many ways, some are deliberate, others may be accidental - and could be nurtured if you recognise them.
Let someone help you - asking someone's advice; accepting help - it's not a sign of weakness, it's not dis-empowering - it can be simply sharing a skill or piece of information.
If you feel uncomfortable accepting help, think about the intention behind the offer, maybe you should consider your own motivations.
When you help someone are you exercising power over them? does it make you feel superior?

Compliment someone - if they have made an interesting contribution to a a class discussion or workshop, tell them. If they look particularly good one day, tell them.

Notice the quiet person - If someone is working away in the background - take time to notice what they do and thank them.

Tell someone they have inspired and influenced you - don't keep this information to yourself!

Talk about someone behind their back! Tell a mutual friend, acquaintance or colleague about something good someone else has done - it may may filter back to them - or even their boss.

I've done all of these since my last post - some deliberately, some I realised upon reflection.
Sometimes I think I make people feel good about themselves just by being ridiculous myself and in comparison they know they are better than me!


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