Kindness, Love and Monopoly

During the Easter weekend I played monopoly with my 2 younger children. Not my first choice of game as I remember,  but my children seem to forget, the inevitable rollercoaster of emotion and dispute.
100 Mitzvahs suggested this morning that playing a game, especially one you don't like, is a kindness - I'll add it my list then!

Again, I find myself reflecting on what kindness is. These kinds of kind acts are surely what we SHOULD be doing.

It seemed unnecessary to blog that I had had some fun with my children (they love the experience of extremes of emotion, it must be cathartic).

Kindness is not usually a conscious goal but a general state of being, looking after other people's happiness and needs as well as your own.
Blogging these things reminds me that acts of kindness are a constant expression of the love in our lives we share with the world.


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