Dabbling in divisionism

I have found a very time consuming way to finish my paintings. I love to paint with very loose brushstrokes covering an area quickly and spontaneously - however, they often don't look finished to me. 
This technique is close to divisionism, it is related to pointillism.
I have spent many hours on these two paintings and when I get the time I will definitely try some more like this.
This is my first one - the garden of a former colleague I visited as part of an open garden event a few years ago.

As you can see, I used many layers until I was happy with the effect (well, nearly happy - I could have gone on and on and on...)

Following on from my painting of the garden:
From The Mumbles, across Swansea Bay, on a changeable day.
Port Talbot got painted over, apologies to those who are missing the smoking chimneys.
Acrylic on cartridge paper, A2


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