52 weeks of illustrations

I have just completed another 52 weeks of illustration challenges - two years of not missing a single week - and several weeks of sharing more than one (this year I shared 86 illustrations to #illo52weeks - they are all in this collage).
I am so thankful to have found this group - for so many reasons, ultimately, because the group encourages me to draw and paint regularly.
You should try it!

I have made a book with the illustrations - if you follow this link, you can flick through a virtual copy, if you wish.

Katharine's 52 week illustration challenge 2016 - the book!

The site will invite you to buy a copy - really don't! (And I didn't pay the price on the site either, I had a huge discount!)

However, if you want any design on a t-shirt, cushion cover, mug, print..... please let me know and I'll put it up on Redbubble


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