Week 3: Australiana*

Because of the new picture book challenge, I have stories on my mind, and with Australia and stories, I can only think of Dreamtime stories.
So, not my own story this week, but a Kenning poem to go with my illustration.

Dreamtime being
Earth shaper
Mountain maker
Creek Carver
Frog tickler
Billabong filler
Waterhole dweller
Child eater?
Most powerful
Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent
A3 Acrylics and fineliner
And, as a sort of nod to Jasper Johns, here's a semi-abstract map of Australia. A rough and ready quickie on photoshop. The research and planning of ideas took longer than the actual creating bit.*
I couldn't resist one more illustration this week. One of my doodle characters, dressed up as a koala.


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