Week 29: Swing

Two illos this week. The first one is actually the second I submitted. I couldn't resist doing another one after i saw all the wonderful carefree images everyone else had done, So my doodle characters have another outing!
Used to love going upside down on a swing. I'd get as high as I dared and then hang upside down until the swing slowly stopped - watching the sky and the trees and the ground swap places.
After I posted it on the challenge facebook page someone commented on the gravity defying skirt. I couldn't resist sorting that out, as it had already been on my mind. I gave the little character so frilly bloomers so she would look decent.
Changing her dress was more difficult than I thought it would be - but she definitely looks more carefree now, don't you think?

This is based on a photo of my daughter, in a rundown playpark, in Santorini, a couple of years ago.
It was going to be a painting, but this week an arty friend who does the most adorable, simple but very clever collages, was told she should stop wasting her time - it's not proper art and why bother if she is making money from it.
Well - I love cutting and sticking, and to me it's definitely art!
This particular collage could have been much more developed with more time, but sometimes we do have to stop and spend time on other, less important, things


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