Week 52: Celebrate

I've loved the experience, the growth, the friendship, the encouragement, the joy and of course the creativity here. It's something to celebrate!
This shows all my 2017 illos exploding from my party popper. It's my third year of contributing at least one every week to the challenge - and my last as the challenge is closing (it's a huge amount of work and time, especially for people who are ready to move on)

It's the end of a year, and new one about to start - time to reflect and also to look forward:I thought about what pure joy sounded like, and I think it's the dawn chorus, with birds celebrating every fresh new day!Birds flying high, you know how I feel,Sun in the sky, reeds driftin' by, you know how I feel...It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's new life...And I'm feeling goodAs sung by Nina Simone
Don't cry because it's ended, smile because it happened - Dr Seus


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