Sketchbook Revival

I'm taking part in a 2 week sketchbook revival - a set of about 30 online workshops. It's going to take me at least 8 weeks!

I'll post my creations - stories and extra info, later

** UPDATE - 10.5.18 **
Wow! What a great experience that was! I struggled to keep up with following two video workshops a day, so the first weekend I binge-created, like people binge on box sets.
The videos won't be available for long, so spreading them out over 8 weeks wouldn't have been possible - and the momentum of taking part alongside everyone else was irresistible!


Day 1, part 1 

book making
We were shown three simple books - two of which I knew, but don't use for my sketching, just school projects, the third involved stitching signatures. I am definitely going to use my own books for special projects in the future!
I made and filled two for the Sketchbook revival.

Day 1, part 2 making creative intentions

So, I went in a tad skeptical, but it was worth putting aside my reservations as I came up with lots of ideas and became really positive about what could happen next!

Day 2, part 1 Illustrating your life
I drew Danny's cup as he drew it - but I think that still counts. He drew the outlines, the main shapes and added detail later. I added the colour wash later.

Day 2 part 2

Illustrate your life - looking at shapes and edges to create composition

Again - look for shapes and edges, check how they relate to each other and add detail afterwards. Give a wash of colour, then add layers on top
Play with compositional elements on the page, vary layouts.

Day 3 part 1 - Sketchbook fun and magic

One of the prompts in this workshop was a gestural drawing - so here's my self portrait while I was holding my phone and keeping the paper still with my other hand. Apparently it looks like me - according to my husband...

Day 3, part 2

Warming up - break the fear of the blank page!
Warming up - simple scribble, rotate, what can it become?
Draw, add, add words that are inspired as you reflect on it

The instructions: Draw a child with your non-dominant hand
Ask three questions (supplied) with your dominant hand
Answer them using your non-dominant hand (your inner child)

Try this often, you will very likely get different answers

Idea for 5 minute daily practice: draw a heart, fill with colour: patterns, scribbles, symbols. Add a single word or short phrase
A good way to check-in with, and acknowledge, how you are feeling

 Day 4: Nature - birds and botanicals

Look for the egg (shape) in the bird - any bird
Find the dynamic line
It was really cool dry-brushing with ink and embellishing with pen - I used a fineliner, then my dip pen

Day 5: part 1  Art of Scribbles and Chaos

don't hold back! scribble writing, rotate, repeat - change medium... add scribbles collage, layer....
I didn't get on with Day 4 botanicals - it really needs observation in reality, not drawing along. As a result, when Day 5 exercises encroached on it... I pretty nearly destroyed it.

layers of lesson plans, receipts, baking parchment, tracing photos, more water soluble crayons

Day 5, part 2 - Mark making 

Play with texture, layers of colour, scrape on - scrape off!

use the side of the brush, drag in different directions, create backgrounds

Day 6 Part 1

Everything is interesting when you draw it!
Draw you meals as if they are recipes - or create recipes. Make them flow - add movement and lettering

The notes I made watching and listening to the 'draw the mundane' workshop - how to keep creating and making sketchbook practice a part of your daily routine

 Day 6 - part 2

Travel journalling
Create a specific journal for your travels
Have 'welcome' page, perhaps with a map
include meals, landmarks, discoveries
Make brief outline sketches in your book - just take a minute to block it in, mark main positions and reference points
Take reference photos and add details and colour later


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