Things I'm gratful for today

the sun shining
the sun shining on my son's first day of a trip to Wales
the truancy phone call from my son's school being a mistake
my husband says he'll be home in time for me to collect my christian aid envelopes tonight
that I have sky multi-room and if I want to watch television tonight it won't have to be football!
my children all hugged me tenderly today without prompting
a child smiled at me in the school playground
the ladies in the fabric shop were helpful
a neighbour made a point of coming over to say hello when I was shopping
a friendly exchange in the art shop
I've had positive posts on an NLP on-line forumthe printer worked OK (it often doesn't)
traffic was good
I remembered which pump I used when I got my diesel (so I didn't look like a fool! - I often do that!)

see comments for more gratitude!


  1. I had a lively chat and a drink on the spur of the moment last night
    the father's day assembley at school was fun
    it's nearly the weekend!
    the sun is shining - again!
    My oldest son won a cricket match last night having had all his matches rained off in the last 3 weeks!
    I have a partner to work on ideas for wellbeing workshops for schools - a new and exciting challenge


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