The value of Happiness

Just looking outside of yourself for reasons to be happy will make you happier.

So simple and so true.
There is a motto worth remembering: 'your persistent thoughts become your reality'

Make a 'gratitude diary' (advice in Martin Seligman's 'Authentic Happiness')
every day write at least three things - big or small that you are grateful for (the sun coming up every day to being able to find your keys)
Within two weeks you will be happier!

There is another way people look for happiness in two weeks - it usually involves spending several hundred pounds, leaving your home, putting yourself through security checks, hanging around in souless places, anxiety over lost tickets, traffic jams and the size of your inbox on your get the idea. Holidays are great but you work hard to organise them and before you know it it's just a memory and some photos.
Holidays are given great value and prestige in part because they have financial value.

Happiness in the present can become happiness in every present moment...and you don't need to pay out the cost of a holiday.

Be happy in the moment - this moment - right now!


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