Dental Fear and Anxiety - Tip 2: Fast Phobia Cure

Fast Phobia Technique, also known as the re-wind technique

Identify the particular aspect of your visit to the dentist you are phobic about and gauge you level of anxiety on a scale of 1 – 10.
Remember that you feel safe and comfortable before and after the event.
I want you to imagine yourself seated in the middle of a cinema and up on the screen, you can see a small black and white snapshot of yourself in a situation just before you experience your fear of a dental visit identified in (1.)
Now, I would like you to imagine that you float out of your body sitting in the cinema seat and back into the projection booth, so you can see yourself sitting in the middle of the cinema looking at the black and white snapshot of yourself on the screen.
Keeping the snapshot small, turn it into a black and white movie running all the way through that experience in which you used to have a phobic response. Let it run all the way to the end until the moment the event is over and you are feeling safe and comfortable, freeze it as a still image.
Float from the projection booth and float from your seat and into the screen and into your body at the end of the movie.
Turn the snapshot to colour and looking through your own eyes run the film backwards at four times the normal speed, so all the action is moving backwards, all the sounds are played backwards, remember you are IN the movie and experiencing it. Play it all the way back to the moment before the event when you felt safe and comfortable.
Repeat steps 4 to 7 a few times until you feel more comfortable. Increase the speed of playback in step 7 and add some comedy music if you like.
Now imagine your next visit to the dentist and really go into detail about the aspects you are most concerned about. Gauge you anxiety on a scale of 1 – 10. Repeat until you are at 0!

As for the swish it is possible to work on this on your own but sometimes it is more effective when working with a trained practitioner.


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