Art club for teens

My new art club for teens has started! (see the events page for more information)
It will only ever be a small group, with an emphasis on developing skills and confidence in drawing and creating art in general.

Each session will include 30mins of drawing and an hour of painting (or collage, photography or another medium).

Today we started with a 15 minute drawing of the corner of a room. To see how we progress, this view will be re-visited in the coming weeks using different techniques and media, as well as the simple pencil. 
Then we did a series of 1 minute drawings and reflected on how we felt working with the different time constraints and the messages we told ourselves while we were drawing.

The painting section was an introduction to colour theory: colour mixing and tone.
Using only yellow, magenta and cyan - with white and a little black, we created an abstract scene.

The challenge was to go from the darkest to lightest blue, magenta and yellow, and to create a wide range of colours between the three primaries. 
It's so much more fun to do than a traditional colour wheel, isn't it?


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