Art Drop Day

I am taking part in Art Drop Day this year. I have left these three pictures for people to find and keep.

I don't even know how I found out about it, but it must have appeared in some form on social media, just a few days ago.
As I tend to jump into things without too much thought or planning (or over-think and over-plan), the quick turnaround was perfect for me.

Here's what it's all about: Jake Parker's website about art drop day
Have a read, then scroll down to see where I have left my offerings
****** From Jake's website *******************
Here's how it works:
  • Draw a picture and hide it somewhere.
  • Take a photo of either the art or the hiding spot or a combination of both.
  • Post the image, the city you dropped it in, and a hint on any social media of your choice. Be sure to included the hashtag: #artdropday
  • Then move on, hoping someone finds it. OR hang around and meet your new friend.
This is a sketch I did while watching the cricket on saturday
It is stuck to the cricket club's info board

This sketch is from a photo I took earlier in the summer
It's taped to the handrail of a footbridge over the canal in Kings Langley

A doodle from one of my photos - I wonder if the person who finds this will colour it in, or keep it as it is?
It is on a cafe table at Hemel Food Gardens, alongside the canal


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