Billy's Wish / St Albans half Marathon

What I have learned today:
Some things are more of a challenge than they seem on the surface.

Friends help you to rise to nre challenges and do things you wouldn't dream of. Thank you Sally (I think!)

I have muscles in places I didn't know existed - and they hurt.

Muscles you use for strolling along, and taking the odd photo here and there, are different from ones used to average 14 minute miles, up hill and down dale.

Training would have been a great idea.

Gel packs perform miracles. They taste disgusting (we were warned by the young boy who gave us the first one), but they are like a turbo boost.

The biggest blisters don't hurt until you take your shoes off.

A good walking partner is most essential. Thank you TanyaandPaul Dove for all the encouragement and laughs along the way.

A hot bubble bath is a rediscovered joy.

I have very generous friends and family who have supported me by donating to Billy's Wish.


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