Port Eliot Festival Sketchbook

I went to a rather fabulous festival this weekend. I didn't take my camera and my phone gave up all sign of life not long after I got there, as a result I had no means at all of taking photos and so I made a few sketches.
Most were really quick - REALLY quick. I could do with more practice in speed sketching.
A couple I left as line drawings to which I have added colour in photoshop. The others I sketched over with inktense pencils and added water to the ink once I was home.
The festival I went to is Port Eliot, in Cornwall. It's a festival of music, books, creativity and fashion. It has a stunning setting and feels like a great big village fete meets fun family wedding party.
Here's a link: Port Eliot 

Caught By The River

Caught by the RiverLine drawing on site, colour from inktense pencil added at home.
Sitting by the Idler Academy on Sunday morning, I caught the end of a talk about Latin and then listened to a talk about Idle Beekeeping while I drew this. The Idler Academy is behind me, Sipsmith Gin Shop to the right and the boathouse with the cold water tower / shower storage tank nearby.
When I started there was less water in the river and by the time I finished there were lots of people sitting on the banks, and children were slipping and sliding in the mud on the opposite bank.

Michael Morpurgo
Michael Morpurgo
What an engaging, entertaining, witty, sharp, kind, funny, clever man.
That is all.

Jago's Field Camping
The view from my tentLine drawing and inktense pencils on site, water-wash added at home.
Looking to the left, looking towards what turned out to be crew camping. I worked the festival as a steward and didn't l know until after I'd pitched my tent that I should have been over there too.
I had a good spot, happy to have got this wrong.

Park Area

Park Area, from the front of the house, looking up to Jago's field.
Line drawing on site, colours added in photoshop.

Front of House

Polpo Bar, at the front of the house
Line drawing on site, colours added in photoshop. The gate the left led to a sort of tunnel round the house and into the old servants quarters / working area. In this amazing dilapidated setting was housed an art exhibition by Noel Fielding.

View from the hill
Unfinished sketch of the church, house and park area - I had a choir to get to
I may get a chance to add detail to it based on photos others have shared. My tent is up at the top of the field on the right. Such a compact and beautiful setting.

Rupert Thomson
Rupert Thomson
Funny / awkward story.
I thought I was going to a talk on the philosophy of cheerfulness, It was raining so I got myself the only available free seat that was under cover: it was right in the middle at the front). When it was too late to move, two men I didn't recognise came on the stage. One was the philosophy guy (due to speak the following day) and someone I had never heard of before. This is Rupert Thomson, author. I sat through an hour of him being interviewed about his life and his book 'Katherine Carlyle' - which actually was quite interesting.
He also saw this sketch and was less than impressed: "Ooh, that's a bit scary!" was his reaction.
More about him here: Rupert Thomson at Port Eliot


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