week 30 - Vintage*

If you read a previous post, you will have seen that I spent an evening up on a hillside waiting for the full moon to rise, I took a heap of photos before and during the moonrise.

For the vintage theme I wanted to re-create the line drawings and geometric colour blocks of 1950's fabric design. I used the colours, shapes and silhouettes from the photos I took that moonlit night and mixed them up with a bit of artistic licence.

I drew the cow parsley in pen, then scanned and created a pattern in photoshop. 
The full moon shape, night sky and meadow colours, above were made with tissue paper collage.
The block below was an experiment in colour swatching. The four colours were all taken from the photos of the moon over the meadow.

*edit - the top illustration is in the weekly picks on the challenge page! Have a look at the whole, wonderful, collection here: Challenge page Vintage picks


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