Week 34: Intricate

My first thought for the 'intricate' topic was the Gaudi cathedral in Barcelona with all its amazing sculptures and decoration, however I decided that I wasn't going to settle for long enough this week to draw them. 
Please scroll down for my Plan B and a last minute pattern that I have been looking forward to trying.

Plan B was a pile of twisting, turning string, layered and overlapping. There are four layers and I worked on them quite a bit to get them into a repeating pattern. Despite that, this is the quick, simple version. My previous attempts took ages and were not so successful - in fact it felt like torture at times, but did help me get to this point.

This is a tri-duko
I have used nine colours creating three complete sudokus: the inner dots, the squares and the corners of the circles. 
Thanks to Alex Bellos for the inspiration  - for more maths inspired patterns I highly recommend his colouring book Snowflake, Seashell, Star
Let me know if I've missed any: gaps keep appearing when I think I've finished!


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