100 Happy days 24-30

Day 24
24/100 #100HappyDays I had a win win win at Aldi
1 - I didn't queue for a parking spot
2 - fresh mint ready to plant - I had forgotten I needed it for my Pimms o'clock
3 - I beat the cashier. No having to pack in the bagging area shame for me.

Day 25
June 21st
Here's my ‪#‎100happydays‬ photo for today: Dots back from Wales where she had the best time. Thank you Karen,Kristie and Miss Wells 

Day 26

June 22nd
Friends (not everyone wants to have their photo on fb), sunshine, strawberries, cream, meringue, chocolate, pimms ‪#‎100HappyDays‬ 26/100

Day 27

June 23

Thank you all so much for my lovely birthday wishes, I've had the best birthday. Here is a wee collage of pics from today - more tomorrow.

#100HappyDays 27/100

Day 28

June 24
What a clever little nephew I have.
I came from work to find I had a present, inside was an upcycled plastic bag chicken chosen by Alex Forman and a card designed by him.
I wanted one of these chickens so badly a few years ago I found out how to make them (or something like them). Now I have the real thing.

Day 29

June 25th
My work is done!

Day 30

June 26th
I've had the most lovely class this week and, although I was booked into another school for tomorrow, I have been able to sort it so that I can have another day with them. Now, fingers crossed for a dry afternoon so we can have sports day.

#100HappyDays 30/100


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