100 Happy days 41 - 50

Day 41
7 July
A hint of colour at last.
First {first flower}
After several attempts and defying slugs and other scavenging creatures, the plants are beginning to flower in my Belfast sink.

Day 42
8 July
#100HappyDays Sharing my stupidity with the world and hearing funnier stories in return.

Day 43
9 July
I am a novice and so it took a long time, but, I think I have finished editing the soundtrack for my class' entry in the school talent show. 'Happy' and 'I love my shirt'. And relax.

Day 44
10 July
#100happydays 44/100 Seeing the beautiful poppies grown in remembrance of WW1

Day 45
11 July
I was tagged in, then shared Michelle Goodwin's photo: It's hard to explain how and why this had us in stitches tonight but there's nothing better than a fit of giggles with a friend xx

Day 46
12 July
Thank you for a lovely afternoon tea with lovely people.‪#‎100HappyDays‬ 
Happy birthday Sheena! 

Day 47
13 July
Apple crumble and custard? Don't mind if I do! Thanks Dots xx

Day 48
14 July
My photo was selected for the daily collage on the photoaday challenge again. ‪#‎100HappyDays‬

Day 49
15 July
Things children say...
Ok, so this is a blatant bid to turn around my day and make it my ‪#‎100happydays‬ entry - if these stories make any of you happy in my anguish, that will work for me.
Two children were not all that tactful today.
Child 1 - in a voice full of shock and surprise, and a tad of concern: Mrs Harper what are you doing? How are you doing that? Old people can't sit on the floor with their legs crossed!

Child 2: Mrs Harper are you having a baby, because if you are you need to go to hospital!
{Do I look as if I am about to have a baby?} 
Child 2: Yes.

Day 50
16 July
#100happydays the buzz of bees around the flowers in my garden


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