100 happy days 61 - 70

Day 61
27 July
It's always nice to have a bit of validation. A resource I made very swiftly (and with typos) got a good review on TES. I wouldn't normally post this sort of thing but it can be part of my ‪#‎100happydays‬ and because I know at least person who will like this even without tagging her.
(Karen Arthurs - who did know it was her!)

Day 62
28 July
A sunset with beautiful fluffy clouds always makes me happy. This one is the view from my hotel at Gatwick airport, all set to fly tomorrow. #100happydays

Day 63
29 July
The pool to myself? In Santorini? Would be rude not to #100happydays

Day 64
30 July
Lounging by the pool with my little girl after a cooling swim - and.ridiculous attempts to do underwater handstands. Luckily, we still have the pool to ourselves most of the time.‪#‎100happydays‬

Day 65
31 July
Our second full day on holiday and the second time a local has assumed we are French. I don't know why, but we took it as compliment. #100happydays 65/100

 Day 66
1 August
The other pool had 8, yes 8, people in it. So we have moved 20m to this one where we are shaded by palm trees. And the ground is too hot for bare feet.#firstworldproblems sorry, that should read#100happydays.
The real highlight today was a swim to the thermal springs from the boat but my camera isn't waterproof.

Day 67
2 August
Despite a lovely day my #100happydays has to be getting home safely. To cut a long story short we weren't kidnapped or worse by the owner of the shop and his grandson who drove us down dusty tracks in complete darkness in a strange town with "we will rock you" blaring from the radio. We popped into a shop to ask directions and when we were bundled into a minibus our imaginations over took us....
It turns out the shop has some arrangement with local holiday companies that we were unaware of and we were on the free shuttle bus.

Day 68
3 August
Here's my #100happydays photo. We went by boat to Ios. Golden, shimmering sand and fab sunset to boot. And snorkle-less snorkling.

Day 69
4 August
Our last day in Santorini, mainly spent by the pool but we had a walk along our black beach, an ice cream, a dip in the sea and some random giggling. Today's#100happydays pic.

Day 70
5 August
A last minute, early morning swim before we headed home. #100happydays 70/100


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