100 Happy Days 51-60

Day 51
17 July
In this weather so nice to take off work shoes and slip into something more comfortable 
‪#‎100happydays ‬‪#‎hatersgonnahate

Day 52
18 July
Spending a relaxed couple of hours with a group of year 6 leavers - having fun and looking forward to their next step.

Day 53
19 July
Curly - the petals on my dahlia. The bulb cost £1 from Wilkos - I am surprised and delighted that it actually grew.

Day 54
20 July
Beautiful sunset from my tent, July 20, the phone camera didn't do it justice when I first uploaded to facebook. This was taken at the same time with my camera and uploaded later. #100happydays

Day 55
21 July
And for today's #100happydays some silliness sheltering from the rain camping. My hair was doing its best 'Monica in Barbados' impression this weekend.

Day 56

22 July
Iced water, iced fruit slices on a hot day
And off for a stiffer drink in a few minutes

Day 57

23 July
Walking home from school for the last time. I just had a lovely 4 weeks in a lovely school where I was made welcome and was included as part of the team from the beginning - they coped with my eccentricities very well too.‪#‎100happydays‬

Day 58
24 July
This dog is always happy to see me. It's lovely to be greeted with excitement even if it's only because she associates me with walks. 

Day 59
25 July
The Help
You know when you have a book you can't put down and the world around you fades away? I have got to the point that I am reading too fast because I want to know what will happen and then have to re-read, but I also never want it to end. So before it's over my #100happydays is that I haven't finished yet. 59/100

Day 60
26 July
Today Dorothy and I are preparing for our girls weeks away including admiring our newly shaped brows which had done together. A bit of a first, not being famous for pampering ourselves


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